Manual backwash tank head

The Manual Backwashing Tank Head can be installed on most common mineral tanks with a 2# 8 tank opening. Let your water treatment professional size up the proper unit and backwash flow control. All plumbing should be done in accordance with local plumbing codes.

IMPORTANT! Control Heads for Water Softeners and Auto Backwash Systems View subcategories tree The main component in any automatic back washing system is the control head.

The Manual Backwash Filter Valve head can be installed on most common mineral tanks with a 2 12" # 8 tank opening. 1" FMPT Ports 1. 05" Riser Tube is required. Water Softener Parts, fleck water softeners, fleck valve parts: Manual Backwashing System MBW Valve Parts Control Valves Filtration Equipment Disinfection: Feed Pumps, Chlorinators Cartridge FiltersSediment Cartridge Housings& Parts Water Softeners Well PumpsTanks (We can supply a nonelectrical, manual backwash version of these filters if needed.

Details are at the bottom of this page. ) Water enters the filter tank from the top via the control valve, passes downward through the filtering medium to the bottom of the tank where it enters a riser tube that sends it up and out to your service line. Check the system for any leaks, paying attention to the seal between the tank and control head as well as the connections between the bypass valve and control head.

Open a nearby faucet and check to ensure there This uses a manual backwashing filter that will allow you to clean your carbon bed whenever you choose. We recommend at least once a week. This unit consists of 1. Manual Backwash Head 2. Carbon Media 1 cu ft, 1. 5 Cu Ft, 2 Cu Ft, 2. 5 Cu Ft, 3 Cu Ft.3. 5 Cu Ft, 4 Cu Ft 3. Tank 9x48, 10x54, 12x48, 13x54, 14x65, 16x65 4.

Distributor Fleck 2850 Control Valve Service Manual Rev K OC11 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Tanks only, 1 Meter, Alternating Regeneration, manual. 2. Position the valve to backwash. Ensure the drain line flow remains steady for Model Service Manual IMPORTANT: Fill in pertinent information on page 3 for future reference. cycle the control valve again into the backwash position.

The tanks switch again, and air head backwashes out of the other tank. SWTs Manual Backwashing Tank Head features an effective design which allows three or four different service positions (bypass, shutoff, in service, backwash) by simple turning of the tank head handle. The head is manually operated, requiring no electricity. This head replaces complex plumbing systems requiring the need for separate Large backwashing filters are simple devices. They consist of a tank filled with a filter medium, a tube called a riser inserted into the tank, and a control valve to manage the flow of water through the filter.

1) A HYDROCHARGER located between the well head and the pressure tank, which adds a small amount of air to the ironladen water whenever the well pump runs. 2) A backwashing type lter containing a special media that causes the iron in the HydroCharged water to precipitate throughout the media bed (rat her

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