Standard manual wheelchair vs companion wheelchair

APPENDIX Types of Wheelchairs Reprinted from Wheelchairs: A Prescription Guide, by A. Bennett Wilson, Jr. and Samuel R. McFarland. Charlottesville, VA: Rehabilitation Press, 618, 4446, 1986. THE BASIC WHEELCHAIR The configuration and dimensions of the adult basic chair are shown in Figure 10. Transport wheelchairs are lightweight mobility chairs that combine the function of a wheelchair with the portability of a rollator.

They are meant to be pushed by a family member or caregiver, as their small wheels make it impossible for the user to propel herself. Transport Chair vs Wheelchair. Wheelchair and transport chair are common ambulatory devices.

For a person who has a disability in legs and cannot walk or move without help, a wheelchair is an ideal companion that allows him to be ambulatory without any difficulty. Designed to be pushed by a companion. Lightweight with smaller rear wheels. For instance, the difference between a standard weight and a lightweight wheelchair can be as much as 10 to 20 pounds. Weight is definitely a consideration if the wheelchair is going to be transported in a car trunk or backseat or propelled by the usersome steel This type of lightweight wheelchair is often referred to as a transfer chair and is typically used for shorter trips.

Since its geared towards storability and portability, it features four smaller wheels and dispenses with the larger, rearmounted wheels that characterize standard wheelchairs. A Standard wheelchair is distinguished by the two large wheels in the back and have smaller caster wheels in the front, allowing the sitter to self propel.

Transport or Travel wheelchairs cannot be propelled by the sitter only by a companion (all four wheels are the smaller caster type). Easy to fold Standard Weight Wheelchairs. If youre looking for a standard wheelchair with a strong and durable frame, take a look at our standard wheelchairs.

Most of the seating guide mechanisms have been built with a low resistant Nylon 66 GF 15 or above for the latest in economical seating. TIG welding strengthens the joints, an extra layer of upholstery support prevents sagging, brass inserts reduce stripping from upholstery changes, and a coating on the frame helps you prevent rust and maintain a brandnew appearance.

Standard Wheelchairs. Triple rear axle positions provides easy transition of seat height from standard to hemi level Comes with pushtolock wheel locks; Learn More. Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair Ultralight Aluminum Wheelchair. Model# AK516ADAAELR, AK516ADAASF, AK518ADAAELR, AK518ADAASF Standard Manual Wheelchairs. Standard wheelchairs are the most basic of the categories that self propulsion is an option.

Standard wheelchairs are intended for short term use and although seating systems can be added to the wheelchair this category isn't often chosen for those who will be using a wheelchair on a regular basis. Transport wheelchairs, also known as companion or rollabout wheelchairs, require the assistance of a caretaker users cannot propel the wheelchair by themselves.

These wheelchairs are equipped with four small wheels, lacking the large wheels found on standard manual wheelchairs, but in most other respects are similar to standard manual wheelchair models. Transport chairs are used to move people around who cannot propel themselves using a standard wheelchair. A second person is required for mobility.

For those who find a regular wheelchair too big or heavy to move around, transport wheelchairs are a great alternative.

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