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Jan 08, 2010 I am pretty new to fuzzes and really like my introduction to the fuzz world with my cheap cool cat fuzz. I see their are much more expensive fuzz boxes out their. Are they worth it? Why? Dec 30, 2008 Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe or Fuzz RU Using Either? I was looking for a low cost modulationtype pedal to mate with my Fender PJr, just to add a bit of dimension (and fun) to the tone.

Sep 26, 2009 The Cool Cat Fuzz is Cool cat fuzz manual meat cool, inexpensive fuzz pedal. A fun addition to any pedal board. Find great deals on eBay for danelectro cool cat fuzz. Shop with confidence.

Nov 27, 2009 I rehoused several of the Cool Cat pedals, so I'll tell you some of the things I learned through the process. Most of the pedals will fit into a 1590B enclosure except the Vibe. The PCB on it is too large to fit the board and a footswitch in the enclosure. Apr 24, 2014 The Cool Cat Fuzz Frantone Peachfuzz (a mix Fuzzdistortion) Don't know if it was heat from lawsuit potential or just the desire to distance themselves from cloning criticism, but a few years (maybe less) after the V.

1's, Dano created the V. 2 series (they left other Cool Cat pedals in the series alone) for the above 3 models. Jan 12, 2018 My favorite fuzz is actually the EHX Little Big Muff, I preferred it over the Dano Cool Cat Fuzz, NYC Muff and Sovtek Muff. Lately I've been looking into the Boss FZ5, seems like a nice box with lots of classic fuzz choices in it (Fuzzface, Maestro, Octavia) has a fuzz that might be just the ticket.

Pedal comes with original Box and Owners manual. RRP is Danelectro Cool Cat Drive overdrivedistortion pedal Can achieve Classic distortion and fuzz.

Comments about Danelectro Cool Cat Series CF2 Cat Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal: This is a very good fuzz pedal, it's extremely customizable, it has all kinds of switches and stuff you can play with to make it sound pretty much however you want. PRODUCTS. Coffee Mug, WHITE. Colour Box 500 (Preamp EQ) EHX OpAmp Muff Pumpkin Patch Mod. Mini Foot Fuzz Shirt. Sweet Tea V3. ProCo RAT2 Pack Rat. Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo Max Mod.

Honey Comb Deluxe (hand stamped) DigiTech Whammy Internal True Bypass. Find great deals on eBay for cool cat fuzz. Shop with confidence. Adapter Charger for Danelectro Cool Cat!

Fuzz Cool Cat! Metal& Metal II Digipartspower AC Adapter Charger for Danelectro Cool Cat! Fuzz Cool Cat! Metal& Metal II. by Digipartspower. 8. 00 8 00 4. 99 shipping. See Details. 5 off purchase of 1 items See Details. Product Description Cool Cat Fuzz My adventure with the entire Cool Cat series actually began with the Fuzz and a recommendation.

In the midst of a brief but deep vintage fuzz phase, I found myself jonsing for the buzz saw intensity of a Foxx Tone Machine, albeit at a little more reasonable price.

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