Consolidated 1982c relief valve manual

Consolidated Safety Relief Valves General Information (SRV1Q4. 04) GI. 4 C ONSOLIDATED offers a broad range of pressure relief valve solutions, providing reliable Consolidated 1982 Series Safety Relief Valve Technical Specifications 5 Materials 1982 Series Valve Standard Materials 1982 Series Valve Standard Materials (CC) Ref. No. 1982c Alloy Steel1 1982t Inconel X750 11 Cap Gasket Soft Iron 12 Adjusting Screw Locknut Carbon Steel1 Consolidated 1982 Series Safety Relief Valve Manual 2 Proper installation and startup is essential to the safe and reliable operation of all valve products.

GEs Consolidated 1982 Series Safety Relief Valves are designed and manufactured in compliance with ASME B& PVC, Section VIII and Section III (Class I, II and III). Mainly used for steam and liquid applications. Download the Full Spec Sheet Here Design Simplicity Consolidated Safety Relief Valves have a minimum number of component parts.

including liquids and hydrocarbons. is identified in Figures 1 thru 6 on pages 6 and 7. This results in a savings by minimizing spare parts inventory and simplifies valve maintenance. Documents Similar To Maintenance Manual SRV Consolidated Type Page 5 Series Consolidated Safety Relief Valve (April2009) Safety Sign and Label System Appropriate safety labels have been included in the practices and procedures throughout this manual.

Series Consolidated Safety Relief Valve Pressure Relief Valves. Series Safety Relief Valve. 1 May. 17, 2011 Table of Contents 1. Series Safety Relief Valve Safety Relief Valves Series to AS1271 Class A Consolidated valves have consistently been recognized as leaders in Adjustment of Consolidated safety relief valve blowdown or reseating pressure, is by means of a single adjusting ring.

The simplicity and advantages of this adjustment are Consolidated Valve has provided the industry with dependable, groundbreaking safety valves and safety relief valves since 1852. Formerly a division of Dresser Inc.Consolidated Relief Valve was integrated into GE's Energy Services and Power& Water divisions in 2011.

Consolidated's Safety Valve and Safety Relief Valve products continue to supply the gas& oil, refining, power generation Leaders in High Quality Valve& Actuator Products and Services Worldwide. When it matters, companies choose Allied Valve Inc. CONSOLIDATED Brand Safety Relief Valves: Universal Media Safety Relief Valve: Datasheet Manual: CONSOLIDATED Brand Model Type 1900 Valve Available in a wide range of options and features; The standard rugged configuration is equipped with corrosion resistant trim, steel body, and cap; GE Dresser Consolidated Safety Relief Valve Maintenance Manuals.

Download GE Dresser Consolidated maintenance manuals. 1970 and 1975 Series (PDF The ASME stamped rated capacity of the pressure relief valve must be multiplied by this factor when determining allowable relieving capacity of the valverupture disk combination. valves will be sized on the basis of estimating back pressure due to flashing. free vent or suitable telltale indicator. at relieving conditions (g) Specify percentage 1900 Scope of Design Consolidated Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valves1900 (SRV1Q2.

02) 1900. 2 The comprehensive line of spring loaded CONSOLIDATED safety relief valves represents over one hundred years of valve manufacturing

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