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capabilities of ANSYS Workbench to prepare analyses for LS DYNA. A majority of the engineering effort associated with explicit dynamics is devoted to Submodeling in ANSYS Workbench By Dave Looman, ANSYS, Inc. Submodeling utilizes two separate models.

A full or global model repre ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) enhancements applied to the model tree, the submodeling technique may be combined with the ANSYS Workbench Geometry handling and Submodeling with ANSYS v14. 5 Submodeling in ANSYSWorkbench Submodeling has been available in MAPDL (ANSYS Classic) for eons.

Submodeling was possible in Workbench but required the use of APDL command blocks to accomplish the cut boundary interpolation of the If you've been following The Focus for a long time, you may recall my prior article about submodeling using ANSYS Mechanical APDL, which was a 'sub' model of a submarine. Submodeling Understanding Submodeling ShelltoSolid Submodels Nonlinear Submodeling Interface Delamination and ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP) MultiPoint Constraint (MPC) Contact for Fracture Writing and Reading the Mechanical APDL Application Files Converting Boundary Conditions to Nodal DOF Constraints (Mechanical APDL The ANSYS program does not restrict submodeling to structural (stress) analyses only.

Submodeling can be used effectively in other disciplines as well. For example, in a magnetic field analysis, you can use submodeling to calculate more accurate magnetic forces in a region of interest.

The ANSYS Verification Manual consists of test Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical APDL, Part I is a threeday course that focuses on basic linear and static analyses of structural andor mechanical parts.

After completing the course, attendees Notepad with APDL User Defined Language Original Model in ANSYS Work Bench The model is rather simple with 3 parts. Submodeling Creating a submodel at the high stress locations with enough detail (e. g. fillet radius) along with mesh convergence study is the way to go. There is still engineering judgement on deciding what radius to Submodeling in ANSYS Mechanical (and APDL) is based on interpolation displacements from global level to submodel level at cut boundaries.

This approach comes with the assumption that the stiffness of the submodel region does not differ much in stiffness from the global model. ANSYS Mechanical, Submodeling Back in the day when we rode horses into work as Finite Element Analysis Engineers, we had somewhat limited compute capacity. 70, 000 elements was a hard and fast limit. Submodeling in ANSYS WorkBench 14.

5 Roberto Silva ESSS. TOPICS Using submodeling in WorkBench Mechanical 14. 5 Comparison with Mechanical APDL submodeling. WHAT IS SUBMODELING? Submodeling is a modeling approach that allows to solve a small part of a bigger model, with more No manual file handling! No need of APDL The documents listed below form the ANSYS Mechanical APDL product documentation set.

They include descriptions of the procedures, commands, elements, and theoretical details needed to use Mechanical APDL.

including design optimization, manual rezoning, cyclic symmetry, rotating structures, submodeling, substructuring

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