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Promega introduces the PowerPlex Y23 System, a fivedye multiplex system that amplifies 23 YSTR loci from extracted DNA samples and allows direct amplification from FTA card punches, pretreated swabs and S& S 903 paper.

Operating Manual# TM397 and Glucose UptakeGlo In fat and muscle cells, changes in GLUT4 translocation upon insulin stimulation can be observed by measuring glucose uptake. Moreover, with wwwpromeacom 2016 PROMEGA CORPORATION Visit the web site to verify that you are using the most current version of this Technical Manual. Email Promega Technical Services if you have questions on use of this system: [email protected]

com PowerPlex Y23 System PowerPlex Y23 System is a 23loci, A verified email address is required to access the full functionality of your Promega. com account. Resend Verification Email. PowerPlex Y23 System for Use on the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers Technical Manual.

PDF (3 MB) Quick Protocols. Use of the PowerPlex Y23 System to Amplify Extracted Validation of PowerPlex Y23 System (promega) using reduced reaction volume. Author links open overlay panel A.

Barbaro P. Cormaci. Show more. Promega amplification protocol recommends a PCR total reaction volume of 25 Amplification setup was performed either using the amplification volume recommended in the PowerPlex Y23 Technical This page provides a list of the available technical and training manuals available from the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Division.

PowerPlex Y23 System for Use on the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers Technical Manual Instructions for Use of Product(s) DC2305, DC2320 Literature# TMD035 United Kingdom Accreditation Service 2 Pine Trees, Chertsey Lane, StainesuponThames, TW18 3HR, UK Y23 Teddington Swabs Environmental Samples using manual Promega y23 manual muscle Promega swab solution Documented InHouse Methods using Manual quantification Power Quant PCR amplification of all samples was carried out using PowerPlexY23 System (Promega) in a final volume of 13 L according to (Promega Corporation Technical Manual# DC2305 and DC2320).

Promega m amplication tion volume recommended in the PowerPlex1 Y23 Technical Manual (PCR total reaction volume of 25 L containing 5. 0mL Master Mix, 2. 5 L Primer Mix, 7. 5 mL Grade Water and 10 L Validation of PowerPlex Y23 System (promega) using reduced reaction volume Author: A. STR Loci and Multiplex Kits Becky Hill Research Biologist, Applied Genetics Group [email protected] 2012 Meeting Gaithersburg, MD November 28, 2012.

PowerPlex Y23 (Promega) Applied Genetics Background on STR Loci and Kits. Steps in DNA Analysis DNA Extraction Multiplex PCR Amplification The Prototype PowerPlex() Y23 System (Promega Corporation, Madison, WI) is a polymerase chain reactionbased amplification kit that targets the 23 Y STR

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