Anvis 9 nvg manual

Night Vision GogglesImage Intensifier Set ANAVS9 (F4949 Series) For more than 45 years, ITT Night Vision Anvis 9 nvg manual provided the military with premier vision enhancing solutions. NIGHT VISION GOGGLE MODEL F4949 PREFLIGHT ADJUSTMENTASSESSMENT PROCEDURES INTRODUCTION Night vision goggles (NVGs) have become an integral part of night operations in many aircraft.

ITT Night Vision Intensifier Tube Retainer ANVIS PVS14 AVS9 AVS6. Part:. I have 17, 000 tube retainers available for bulk pricing. Anvis 9 nvg manual for the ANVIS NVG designed to maximize aircrcw visual performance. The laboratory contract monitor was Ms Patricia A. Spears ANAVS9 (M949) Gen III Night Vision The M949 monocular is based upon the military nomenclature ANAVS9. BENEFITS: Provides improved situational awareness and Night Vision Goggles ITT Night Vision: ANAVS9 (ITT F4949 Series) Night Vision GoggleImage Intensifier Set: Call for Pricing: with various objective lens filter options and various flight helmetmount configurations all designed to meet Individual customer requirements.

OPERATOR MANUAL Night Vision Goggle System Model: PVS7BD PN a goggle or PVS7 throughout this manual). The PVS7 is a selfcontained night vision device that enables improved night vision using ambient light from the night sky (moon, stars, skyglow, etc.

). Export of Thermal Imagers, Gen2& Gen 3 Image Tubes or Night Vision Devices, Infrared Lighting, and some Optical Sighting equipment is controlled by the U. S. Department of Commerce and U.

S. Department of Description. The ANVIS 9, Aviator Night Vision Goggles, Model M949 is based on the military DoD nomenclature ANAVS9. L3 has made significant design improvements to the Aviator NV imaging system (ANVIS). Description. Night Vision GogglesImage Intensifier Set ANAVS9 (F4949 Series) ITT Industries Night Vision, the world's leading producer of Generation (Gen) 3 night vision devices, offers the ANAVS9 (ITT F4949 Series) Night Vision GoggleImage Intensifier Set with various objective lens filter options and various flight helmetmount adjustment is selflocking AFT ADJUSTMENT KNOB aircraft power ANVIS Artificial Respiration attachment screw Basic Issue Items BINOCULAR CARRYING binocular to AVUM bright spots clean coiled cord Components of End diopters Disconnect power pack edge glow end item EXTENSION STRAP eye relief EYE SPAN KNOB eyecups TECHNICAL MANUAL UNIT AND DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE MANUAL INCLUDING REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST NIGHT VISION GOGGLES (NVG) ANPVS7B To avoid physical and equipment damage when using the Night Vision Goggles (NVG), carefully read and understand the following safety precautions.

Night Vision ANVIS 9 Helmet Mount ANVIS 6 Helmet Mount is complete Integrated Components AGMA ANVIS Ground Mount Adapter Size 3 (OpsCore or Crye Precision) by Integrated Components The F4949 (ANAVS9) night vision system has continually improved and is now designated the ANAVS 9(V) by the U.

S. Government. Rotarywing versions of the F4949 feature a rearmounted, lowprofile battery pack using four AA alkaline batteries that allow operation for more than 50 hours. Power is provided by a cable extending from the

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