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Magnetic CDclamp and dark acryl glass CDcover High selected, fine quality passive components used in all applications 9 separate voltage regulators (power supply) Vacuum Tube ClassA CDPlayer Owners Operating Manual Ayon Audio Hart 18 8101 Gratkorn Austria Phone: 43 3124 www.

ayonaudio. com. W A R N I N G High voltage is present inside an operating CD07. Do not remove bottom plate or insert any objects through openings in the case. Feb 02, 2010 Has anyone heard anything about Ayon's CD players? CD1 and CD3 www. ayonaudio. comI went on their web and looked at the specs. Ayon CD Players: CD1 and CD3. Has anyone heard anything about Ayon's CD players? I had a Musical Fidelity before and the high end tended to be a bit grainy and thin as opposed to the CD3 which is much more The Ayon Audio CD2s looks exactly the same as all other digital players from that company attention is drawn by the thick aluminum plates bound together with quarter cylinders in the corners.

This is a toploader, with an acrylicaluminum plate covering the CD chamber, integrated with a light puck. Ayon believes highquality craftsmanship, hand assembly, shortdirect circuit paths, zero negative feedback, and minimalist design principles, among other improvements, make this unit the bestsounding CD player the company has built. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Ayon Audio. To purchase CD07CD07S spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer.

Ayon has established a new performance standard for digital products with highgain vacuumtube output stage in their class. The Ayon CDPlayers are a remarkable union of innovative design concepts and refinements of existing technologies. CD07s The CD07s is a dramatic rethinking of conventional based tube CDPlayer industrial AYON AUDIO SPIRIT III Class A for sale.

Robert Harley The Absolute Sound The Show Newport 2016 Irvine California" Best Sound" " Cost No Object" Ayon Audio Electronics with the Lumenwhite White Light Loudspeakers. Neil Gader The Abso The casework on the CD07s is very impressive for a player at this price and can be found on all of Ayons players, right up to the 7, 300 CD5s. Its a toploader with the discretaining puck built into the acrylic and aluminium lid. The Ayon Audio CD07s is an extraordinary rethinking of highend tube CDPlayer designs, representing an absolutely new standard in its price category.

The Ayon Audio CD07s was created to embody superb audio reproduction at a more affordable price point. View and Download Ayon CD07 owner's operating manual online. Top Loading Vacuum Tube ClassA CDPlayer.

CD07 CD Player pdf manual download. Ayon makes two CD players: the CD1 and CD3. The latter features a hefty outboard power supply and four 6H30 'super tubes the number of 6H30s in the CD3's design seemingly being the main difference between it and the piece under review, the Ayon CD1. List of products by manufacturer Ayon Audio Ayon CD07s CD Player. The CD07s is a dramatic rethinking of conventional based tube CDPlayer industrial designs and represents an absolutely new standard in its price category.

It was created to embody in a more affordable CDPlayer, all the knowhow and expertise acquired developing reference Ayon Audio CD5s CD Player Review. Print Article. By: Anyway, it is audible, and wide open (high gain) is how you should run the Ayon.

The sound of the Ayon CD5s is different from that of the Ayon preamps, amps and integrated amps, which are almost perfectly balanced. The CD5s has a personality. Its warm, which is probably the first The Ayon CD3sx CD Player is a companion piece to the Ayon Triton III integrated amplifier that I reviewed. This is a fullfeatured Tube Top Loader CDPlayer ClassA triode vacuumtube output stage for singleended& balanced operation,

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