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Andreu Lacondeguy on Vital MTB. Videos, News, Photos, and more. Home; Bike Checks Helicopter up, freeride down with Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy as they get lost in Andorra's stunning mountains.

The Lacondeguy brothers bombing the best DH tracks in Andorra. YEOW! GoPro: Heli Mountain Biking with the Lacondeguy Brothers in Andorra. After taking an Heli with their bikes, Andreu& Lluis Lacondeguy get lost in the Andorra mountains.

WalMart Bike Meets DH Trail with Hilarious Results. 997. 2. Gamble Film Segment Proving that you don't have to be mad to work in freeride mountain biking, but that it helps, here's the captain of fast and loose, Andreu Lacondeguy, showing Helicopter up, freeride down with Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy as they get lost in Andorra's stunning mountains.

Aaron Gwin uses it to dominate the World Cup for the last two years already, Andreu Lacondeguy has taken it to the top step of the Rampage podium and at the FEST Series the TUES has become synonymous with the best times you can have on a bike.

Courtesy of Red Bull After three straight years of coming in 4th place, Spanish athlete Andreu Lacondeguy broke his curse in a big way, coming out on top with an emotional victory after fighting back nerves and a stacked field of competitors. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Southern U Mar 28, 2013 MTB Andreu Lacondeguy is The Man Downhill, FMX, Dirt in Oceania Red Bull Bike 11, 509, 191 views.

Andreu Lacondeguy& Kyle Baldock: Home General Interview with Andreu Lacondeguy. Interview with Andreu Lacondeguy. slawek 29 March 2017. I also ride my dh bike a lot and now Im building some fest lines in the yard of the new farm i just bought. What is the bike check of your favourite bike? The World's biggest biking photo gallery of photos like, crashes, north shore. It doesn't matter if he's on a moto, a BMX or a mountain bike, just give Andreu something with two wheels and the rest is poetry in motion.

The result was a quality bike that could be purchased for a lot less money than usual. With the company coming up on its 10th anniversary, we traveled to Forchheim to see how the rebellious child is coping with growing up.

Andreu Lacondeguy is hands down, tats out, one of the best mountain bike dirt jumpers in the world today. Sweet style, balls out aggression, and no bullshit, giterdone attitude. I really wanted a bike that was clean and simple, says the 20yearold Clump rider from Barcelona, Spain. Something made specifically for really aggressive tricks.

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