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Owners Manual LEVER OPERATED CHAIN HOIST LB SERIES MODEL L5 34 Ton through 9 Ton Capacity Code, Lot and Serial Number EFFECTIVE: December 17, 2008 Find the Big Red 2Ton ComeAlong With 2 Hooks TR8021, hoist is great for use in workshops, on farms and ranches, for construction, for home projects and for automotive use from The Home Depot Big Red 2 Ton Come Along Cable Puller with 2 HooksTR8021 The Home Depot Used as a comealong, the cable winch puller can be used for everything from light vehicle recovery to heavy material handling and auto body work.

This convenient winch puller features two forged safety latch hooks and a snatch block for extra pulling power. Enjoy the Big Red 4Ton ComeAlong Cable Puller with 3 Hooks TR8041, hoist constructed of heavyduty steel and features powerful handcrank ratchet action and an automatic notchatatime letdown release from The Home Depot Owners (Operators) Manual and Safety Instructions This equipment must not be installed, operated or maintained by any person who has not read and understood all the contents of this manual.

Failure to read come into contact again to operate the hoist with the lever. 3. 3. Load Operation. Features a damaged comealong can fail leading to property damage, serious personal injury, or death. G8718G8719 ComeAlong 5G8718 Parts Breakdown and List Use a come along by extending the cable to its full length, attaching one end to a stationary object and the other to the load.

Move the handle back and forth until the device rewinds the cable on the central wheel. To continue to move the load, extend the cable again and move the stationary end to 1 Operating Instructions and Parts Manual 1 Product Registration Card 1 Test Certificate. 7. 0. Installation. Support for the hoist may be hook, clevis pin, trolley, or beam clamp.

Whatever method of suspension is chosen, the support components. must. be rated equal to, or greater than the Home Come Alongs How to Use A Come Along Tool Winch.

Knowing how to use a come along tool can be very helpful in your daily routine or profession. A come along tool is a mechanical hand operated tool. It is a convenient and very portable tool. Like the chainsaw, there are various types and forms of come along tools. Oct 02, 2013 You Will Throw Away Your Gas Can Spouts after Seeing this Video Duration: 7: 02. Arnold's Design 3, 865, 536 views 3D4107 4Ton ComeAlong Instructions Pulling Capacity When all other conditions of the pulling operation remain the same, pulling capacity reduces as the incline increas

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