Hp 5342a microwave frequency counter manuals

The HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter provides frequency measurement up to 18GHz and cost 6, 500 in 1987. This Counter has options fitted: 001 oven controlled crystal oscillator 750 extra; 005 extension to 24GHz operation 500 extra; and 011 HPIB control 550 extra.

The Agilent HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter measure the frequency of signals the in range of 10 Hz to 18 Ghz with a basic sensitivity o f25 dBm. Signals in the frequency range of 500 MHz to 18 GHz are downconverted to an IF by a heterodyne conversion technique for application of the counter circuits. Recommended reading is HP Application Note Hp 5342a microwave frequency counter manuals Fundamentals of Microwave Frequency Counters". The actual fault turned out to be a failed IC, U1 on the A4 Offset Voltage Controlled Oscillator.

I found another source of this particular signal and linked it across to provide the required output signal at 300MHz to 350MHz. HP 5340A 5342A 5343A Calibration Manual CD See more like this. HP Agilent 5342A Frequency Counter Operating Service Manual. PreOwned. 39. 99. Buy It Now. HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter 10Hz to 18GHz Power Tested See more like this. Hewlett Packard Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter. MICROWAVE FREQUENCY COUNTER FREQ HP 5342A Description HPIB SYSTEMS HPIB SYSTEMS HP 5343A face also can select a given frequency in the manual mode and reduce acquisition time to typically less than 80 ms.

HPIB interface functions: SHI, AHI, Tl, L2, SLI, RLI, PPO, Indicates that a PDF scan of the Manual for that item is available from one of the web sites listed below A from the Agilent Web Site B BAMA (Boat Anchor Manual Archive) Web Site K KO4BB Web Site V Vintage Hewlett Packard Archive E Ebaman Site M Microwave Frequency Counter: A: 5342A: No.

11: 18 GHz: Microwave Frequency Counter 108 rows  HPAGILENT Test Equipment Manual: Buy Frequency Counter HP direct support, and general support maintenance manual (hewlettpackard model 5342ah16) maintenance manual for microwave frequency counter td 1225a(v)2u (hewlettpackard model 5342ah16) (nsn ) reporting errors and recommending improvements These counters were one of the longest made by HP and for good reason, they just keep working. 36 lbs The 5340A Frequency Counter is an easily used, versatile instrument for direct measurement of frequencies from 10 Hz to 18 GHz via a single input connector.

hp 5342a maintenance. technical manual tm direct support, and general support maintenance manual for microwave frequency counter td1225a(v)1u (nsn ) headquarters, department of www. doe. carleton. ca Fundamentals of Microwave Frequency Counters Application Note 2001 H Electronic Counters Series. 2 Table of Contents Some Applications of the HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter. 17. 3 A frequency counter, being a digital instrument, is limited in its fre quency range by the speed of its logic circuitry.

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