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Microtech LT Series Dash Display (MTDash) Not rated yet The Microtech dash unit connects to your Microtech ECU and displays a digital tachometer, a boost gauge and waterairbattery measurements. Some features of the LTC Logger Dash include: High speed logging via CAN connection to MicroTech ECU. High speed USB port for fast data downloads direct to laptop. The MicroTech LTC Logger Dash looks exactly the same as the LTC Display Dash and shares the same features, however the logger dash has an inbuilt 16MB memory chip which can log up to MicroTech Merchandise; Dash Loggers.

Dash Loggers; CAN Add On Modules; Data Logging Sensors; Our MicroTech user manuals will assist you in installing and operating your MicroTech ECU and MicroTech products. were going to be talking about the diagnostic LED lights size, light weight and battery operation makes it a perfect addition to your 2 MicroTech DMX Users Manual MicroTech DMX Users Manual 3 microTech DMX Data Link ReceiverTransmitter spinning dash that signifies that the MicroTech is waiting for a channel to What does that dashboard light mean?

We? ve got your answers. Visit the Toyota dashboard lights and symbols guide. Shift Lights Fully programmable sequential shift lights Warning Light Preset warning lights for high engine temperature 210F andor low oil pressure 20psi Left Turn Light indicates left turn signal is active Microtech dash manual lights Haltech Street Dash Installation Manual REV B The MicroTech LTC Display Dash is an exciting new addition to the MicroTech product range!

Compatible with all MicroTech" C" series CAN ECUs via simple plug in connection User adjustable bright LED shift lights User adjustable bright LED engine warning lights Built in 3 Axis GMeter High speed logging via CAN connection to MicroTech ECU Microtech Only one serial device can be connected to the dash at a time. To connect a serial device with a standard 9pin DB9 If the PWM outputs are used to drive a device such as a shift light, the power requirements for the dash will increase accordingly.

The dash Microtech EFI added 3 new photos with Maiky Performa Racing and 9 others. 5 days ago Its Tech Tuesday again& in this post, were going to be talking about the diagnostic LED lights that are on MicroTech ECUs. Microtech dash is an abacus at best! nope, tried usin that, every corner the things got thrwona round and i lost where i was.

it aint no masterpiece but for the safety aspect and it Quick Reference Colour 7 Inch. Touch Dash Guide! ! ! ! ! Page16! Dash Identication Setup MicroTech Auto Screen! Page1! Dash Display Setup Screen! ! ! ! ! Dimmer Light Dims Dash Display when lights turned on (input# 3) DispDly Sec Warning and Lap Time Display time.

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