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Jan 01, 2003 I have a complete UForce here. if nothing pans out for you, I might be willing to actually scan all the pages of the manual for you and ship it to you. Thanks! That would be a good thing because it seem that manual is impossible to find on the Net.

NES UForce manuals and extras Here you can download manual and Program Guide for the Power glove: Here is a UForce manual that i made to print and cut from regular A4 paper. Jun 14, 2009 This NES accessory could have had potential if it actually workedbut to be fair, I didn't have a manual. But you sure do look stupid trying to figure out Manual scans From Sega Retro. Subcategories. This category has the following 27 subcategories, out of 27 total.

3. 32X manual scans; A. Arcade manual scans; NES manual scans; Nintendo DS manual scans; P. PC manual scans; Pico manual scans; PlayStation 2 manual scans; PlayStation Portable manual scans; S. Posted under UForce, Controller, Sensors, Unique. Today, I'm here to review the weirdest controller ever created for the NES, the UForce. (Mine is pictured above). Need the manual though if you plan to buy one so you can have all the settings for the switches.

bickman2k said on 9: 14 PM. Did you try any flying games like Top Gun? I NINTENDO CLASSIC MINI Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM NES Classic Edition Download the Manual Started in 1999, the goal of The Manual Project is to scan as many US video game manuals as possible. Once scanned they are posted here so that everyone may read them.

To date over 400 NES and SNES manuals have been scanned and posted, and the project is now expanded to include works from other sites. Vimm's Lair Manual Viewer 2. 14 (964K) The Video Game Museum Scans, Gamepics, screenshots, ads, reviews, endings and more! SECTION 1 SUPER NES INSTRUCTION MANUAL Thank you for purchasing the Super NES Nintendo's most advanced video entertainment system, featuring full digital stereo sound and breathtaking Nintendo NES manuals Culled from various sources over the years, this is our reference area for various video game instruction manuals.

Note: some manuals are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which makes them perfect for punching, printing, Contra Force Cool World Sep 26, 2011 Manual Scan for the NES Uforce posted in Classic Gaming General: Hey, does anyone have a scan of the NES Uforce, or even have one that they can scan? I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Thanks, Brandon Gaming& Culture Now youre reading with power: Revisiting the nostalgia of NES manuals NES Mini's free downloadable scans include surprising rarities.

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