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This manual contains information about the functions of the Carrier Note: To modify the BACnetMODBUS Carrier Translators BACnetModbus address, a Carrier user interface (such as ComfortVIEW or the Network Service Tool) must be used. The device has a default address of 16 on the BACnet or ELink Gateway Commissioning and Troubleshooting Technical Bulletin The Johnson Controls Equipment Link (ELink) provide connectivity to an established base of YORK chillers that use YORK Talk II and III as their internal 4 ELink Gateway Commissioning and YORK BACnet Solution: YCAS Air Cooled Screw Chiller Table 1.

YCA S Air Cooled Screw Chiller (Master Controller Only) APOGEE Points, Application Number: 4059. YCAS Air Cooled Screw Chiller (Master and SlaveCombination) APOGEE Points, Application Number: 4060. 13 Manual Override 14 Suction Limiting 15 Discharge Limiting 16 Current Limiting Model YCAL AirCooled Scroll Compressor Liquid Chillers Style E 50 AND 60HZ 15 65 TON 53 218 KW R410A DUAL CIRCUIT SINGLE YORK AirCooled Scroll Chillers provide chilled water for all air conditioning applications using cen Model YCAL AirCooled Scroll Compressor Liquid Chillers Style E.

4 JOHNSON CONTROLS Specification FORM At York by Johnson Controls, we help you reduce your energy consumption and increase efficiency with our YMC2 Magnetic Bearing Chiller. YORK Chilled Water Systems Cut energy costs with YORK Chilled Water Systems State of the art aircooled chillers, water chillers and condensing units offer the efficiency and intelligence to reduce energy consumption and emissions, while creating a more Feb 11, 2015 I have two brand new York model# YVAA (Air cooled Screw Chillers) with ELink Bacnet Gateways.

Need the appropriate York Equipment Data Maps ( aka York Talk Points Lists) for this Chiller. Any Help Please! ! ! ! ! York rep is no help. Cannot find the correct point list online. Need to decipher points and integrate to Tridium AX. See attached pictures. Nov 10, 2014  I have a York YK chiller with a Microgateway being controled by a Trane Tracer Summit via BACnet.

Customer states that the chiller will not start when commanded by Summit. I am would like to overide the chiiler on thru Summit and see if the chiiler comes out of" Remote Stop". I can see the BACnet points for the chiller listed in Summit, but I don't know which one represents a chiller At Johnson Controls, we developed the YORK YCWL WaterCooled Scroll Chiller to deliver superior efficiency while helping you stay environmentally friendly.

The YVAA introduces the microchannel coil to the YORK screw compressor chiller line. Microchannel coils are made of a single material to avoid galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals. Coils and headers are brazed as one piece, minimizing leaks. The inherently rugged ELink Gateway Installation Instructions 1 Table 1: YORK Chiller Models (Current Production) Board Number1 Language (Native) Chiller Model BACnet, Modbus, YORK Talk 2, 4, 800 bits per BACnet YPAL YORK003 Modbus RTU YEWSD1, YEAS, YGAS2 1.

Installing technician must verify board number in unit Integration Guide BACnet and Modbus RTU Communication Interfaces for TraneChillers with Tracer AdaptiView Control Equivalent Data Points Reference List for CenTraVac Chillers: BACnet, Modbus RTU.

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