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Teradata Parallel Transporter, a highperformance parallel and scalable extract and load utility for Teradata, allows users to launch ETL processes that interact with various sources and targets by creating and submitting TPT job scripts.

Unified Data Architecture Solutions. Copyright 2018 by Teradata. All rights reserved. PrivacyTerms of Use Legal Contact Us Support Policies Trademark I am trying to load data from hadoop to Teradata using tpt. The delimiter in these files is the default hadoop delimiter (CntrlA hex value 01).

introduced in TPT 14. 00 reference manual diagram on page 62 Teradata tpt reference manual 2011? I assume it is generating the proper schema based on an existing schema, but i could not get the syntax to work. Our Reference manual, although large (TPT can be a very complex tool with a lot of advanced features), also provides background and concepts of TPT. All of those should help get you started. This page is only related to the" tdload" or" Easy Loader for Teradata Parallel Transporter" utility.

Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference 3 Preface Purpose This book provides reference information about the components of Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT), a Teradata Tools and Utilities product.

Teradata PT provides highperformance data extraction, loading, and updating operations for Teradata Database SQL Quick Reference Release 13. 0 B B April 2009. The product or products described in this book are licens ed products of Teradata Corporation or its affiliates. View or download a manual: 1 Jul 14, 2016  Teradata tpt. Hi All, I am new to this post and in teradata. The MultiLoad Reference Manual has the necessary information for you.

Please if you can show me some ressources to read in this website or other to start on feet as soon as possible with Teradata and specialy with TPT script.

Thank you. feinholz 1234 posts Teradata Parallel Transporter User Guide Release 13. 10 documented in this manual. New Teradata PT features and functions are also documented in the other manuals listed in Additional Information on page 5. Reference B mmyA Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator

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