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Browse products from Schneider Electric India in Meters for EM6400NG Digital Multifunction Meter Indias No. 1 Multifunction Meter for Energy Management EM 6400, EM 6433, EM 6436 is equipped with 3d VA Measurement capability. This accurately include Distortion power (D) per IEEE 100, into the VA Calcution Schneider Electric does not grant any right or license for the personal and noncommercial use of the guide or its content, except for a nonexclusive license to consult it on an" as is" basis, at your own risk.

meter is ready for use, and maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for the power meter after installation. The EM6430 power meter is a universal power meter.

onModbus. PLM Meter, Combimeter, Dual source Energy Meter, Stat wise Energy Meters, MF Meter, Conzerv Energy Meter 3) EM6400, Load Manager CL1& CL0. 5 Schneider Energy Meter Em 6400 Manual ReadDownload EM6434 Power and Energy Meter India's most preferred Power and Energy Meter LED Display type.

EM 6400 User Manual v d00 6 2. OVERVIEW The EM 6400 Digital Power Meters offer comprehensive ThreePhase Electrical Instrumentation and load management facilities in a compact and rugged package.

To get the best out of your investment, we suggest that you take a few moments to review this Manual. Run Hours. 85 3. as explained above. VARh (Ind). EM 6400 User Manual v03. To configure its Setup and 3. Integrator Overflow Your EM 6400 meter contains a comprehensive Integrator to support Energy Management. 999 Greater than 1001 9999K 9999M 9999G 1. 4 Integrator Overflow Value. 1.

2. Welcome to the Schneider Electric corporate Website. ENGLISH FRENCH. You can choose another country to view available products or go to our Global website for company information. Schneider Electric stands behind your EM6400 power meters with complete user support and service.

Intended use: The EM6400 series power meter is designed for use in Conzerv Power and Energy Meters NEW Simultaneous Sampling of Volts& Amps Manual Synchronization (fixed window, to suit most popular EB meters) or slid KWh Meter Three Phase Energy& Demand Meters Six Digit kWh LCD Display L1, L2& L3 Power Readings Three Digit V, A& kW Readout EM 6400 Multi Function Meter Dual Source Meters Energy& Entry Level Multi Function.

EM 6436 Dual Level 1: fault detection and signalling, manual fault location (all IMDs) Specialized Counter Energy MetersConzerv DM52xx. EM6400 Multifunction Meter India's most sold and No. EM6435 Energy Meter User Manual, NHA, 6EM 6400 Plus Programmable Multifunction meter with RS 485 port 1.

0 499 0. 5 575 7 EM 6438 kW, kWh and On Hrs Dual source Power and Energy meter Chapter1: EM 6400 DigitAN Product Description v03. 03. d05 Page 6 of 77 The EM 6400 series of meters are digital Power meters that offer comprehensive threephase electrical instrumentation and load management facilities in a compact and rugged package.

This chapter contains the main operating instructions.

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