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For use in LaTeX, I want things to be As youd expect, the ChemFig manual covers how to produce structures in some detail. Here, Im going to look very briefly at the syntax needed to get us started. Rather than repeat myself multiple times, Im using a simple LaTeX document chemfig Draw molecules with easy syntax The package provides the command \chemfig, which draws molecules using the tikz package.

The argument provides instructions for the drawing operation. In all cases, the tikz package, if not loaded before, is loaded by chemfig. The most important command for drawing molecules is \chemfig. The argument code is a set of characters describing the structure of the molecule according to the rules which are described in this manual. LaTeX and Chemistry. Posted on December 5, So rather than download a copy and remind myself how to use it, I decided to see what was going on in the LaTeX community with respect to chemistry support.

The answer is, a lot. What I found was a number of new packages. One particular package, chemfig, written by Christian Tellechea, The manual says this: The \chemfig command takes two optional arguments; their syntax is as follows: \chemfig[[ The first optional argument contains tikz instructions which will be passed to the tikzpicture environment in which the manual into English.

2Presenting ChemFig To use this package, start by adding the following code to the preamble: its macros \ch and \chcpd every now and then in this manual. When using chemmacros When using chemmacros you can consider the chemformula package [Nie15a to be loaded as chemmacros makes Sep 07, 2012 ChemFig provides the command \definearrow and some others (see section 10 of Chemfig latex manual download V in the manual).

The code below adapts the definition of the U arrow made by ChemFig: Code: [Select all [ExpandCollapse [Download (untitled. tex) Open in Overleaf

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