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DNA kits manual centrifugation; RNA kits for izolators; OSMOMAT 3000D Cryoscopic osmometer for the determination of the total osmolality of aqueous solutions, with builtin printer.

Manufacturer. Cat Measuring vessels for OSMOMAT. In stock. Technical data of the OSMOMAT auto Sample volume: 50l Duration of a single measurement: approx. 70 seconds proven measuring principle of the OSMOMAT 030. A powerful and ef cient measuring system is no manual adjustment of a potentiometer is required no ice formation in the lower cooling sys OPTIONS OF THE OSMOMAT 030 date and time. The OSMOMAT 030D gives a reliable record of the results, together with sample numbers.

It provides an increase in the measuring speed for serial measuring. or manual initiation of the crystallization). Consequently, with the OSMOMAT 3000 freezing point osmometer gann OSMOMAT TOUCH IT 2 and 3Point Calibration fast a d robust www.

gonotec. com OSMOMAT [email protected] 030 AUTOMATIC CRYOSCOPIC OSMOMETER. The OSMOMAT 030 was developed by Gonotet in the or manual initiation of the crystallizotion). Consequently, with the OSMOMAT 030, precision of measurement no longer depends on individual operation. ALL ADVANTAGES OF THE 224 b D P L b: Osmomat 030D Gonotec H DSZPTDPQJD PTNPNFUFS (POPUFD D0TNPNBU D D L x K z Find Gonotec Osmomat 030 Forums, Questions, Troubleshooting, Discussions at LabWrench Productivity, Performance, and Flexibility The OSMOMAT 030 is the standard system for the determination of the total osmola Gonotec Osmomat 030 Forums, Questions, Discussions and Help LabWrench Manuals and Resources.

Note: We appreciate the User Guide OSMOMAT 3000 Version 1. 02 Read User Guide before beginning any kind of work! 2 Version 1. 02 Gonotec GmbH GSGHof Reuchlinstr. 1011 D Berlin Original Device Documentation Safety notices The safety notices in this manual

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