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UVP, LLC, a world leader in the production of BioImaging and Analysis Systems, Gel Documentation Laboratory Products and Ultraviolet Products Can anyone help with UVP CL1000 Crosslinker? I am interested in causing UV damage DNA damage in HEK293 FRT cells with UVP CL1000 Crosslinker.

I am using a CL1000 UV crosslinker from UVP to The UVP CL1000 UV Crosslinker is a multipurpose ultraviolet exposure instrument for use in the laboratory. Utilizing a 254nm shortwave ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the Crosslinker has the ability to perform a wide variety of applications.

The Crosslinker is not limited to just fixing nucleic acid. The UV Crosslinker and Translinker UV and HEPA PCR Hoods TL2000 Translinker combines the shortwave UV CL1000 Crosslinker (specifications above) and the M Uv Crosslinker found in: UVP Ultraviolet Crosslinkers, Amersham HybondN, Spectrolinker XL1000 and XL1500 Series UV Crosslinkers, UV Translinker, UV.

Crosslinker Selection Guide After removing excess unreacted crosslinker, the modified first protein is added to a solution containing the second protein where reaction through the second reactive group of the crosslinker occurs. Table 1: Homobifunctional crosslinkers (same reactive ends) Ultraviolet Crosslinkers. Operating Instructions and Service Manual. IMPORTANT: Please read these instructions before operating your UVP UV Crosslinker to familiarize yourself with its operation.

Crosslinker Application Reference Guide. Crosslinker Application Reference Guide. Find out how crosslinkers are used in the literature Have you ever looked at our crosslinkers and wondered why you would crosslink your own biomolecules?

Well, we reviewed the literature to identify recent papers in which the authors describe using

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